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Supporting you to step into alignment with your true power and wisdom. Working with the body and mind to release and process mental blocks and trauma and to shift perspectives into an awareness of abundance and wellbeing no matter the journey of the past.

Hi I'm Rachael, a Hertfordshire based Dramatherapist.  We are living in interesting times and now more than ever before we are being called on to go within, to look at and heal our innermost wounds in order to build resilience, grow and thrive as unique individual's in an ever evolving world. Join me for your brand new adventure in Dramatherapy, where together we will work with the subconscious mind, to bring opportunities for deep healing and personal transformation.  I have always believed that people ultimately know themselves what it is that they need in order to heal and grow. My job as a therapist is to facilitate these discoveries.  Dramatherapy offers a unique and powerful container for the expression and exploration of conscious and subconscious material, allowing the potential for huge shifts in perspective and life changing insights into self and other.

Rachael Heaton MA Dramatherapy

HCPC registered

Public indemnity insurance


About me

Here for You

In order to function well we must strive to align our hearts with our mind, body and spirit.

I work with adults and adolescents with mental health issues including anxiety, depression, PTSD and addiction, as well as ASD. No matter what your personal needs are, I am dedicated to supporting individuals to bring more meaning and personal fulfilment into their lives through deepening their awareness and understanding of elements of past and present, through integration of these often disowned parts of self.  Learn to release the grip of mental blocks caused by self limiting beliefs, rediscover or strengthen talents, connect with your innate creativity and innocence and develop more compassion than ever before for the You that has survived your past.  Contact me on 07756428258 for an informal chat to discuss referral details, Email me at heartcentred.dramatherapy@gmail.com or simply message me below.  I look forward to bearing witness to your personal growth.


My bespoke services

What I Provide

I am offering session via zoom. Find a quiet, comfy space in the privacy of your own home and experience therapy in a new way that works. Whether in person or on screen, now is a great time to work on releasing past patterns and discover more of who you really are. With 7 years experience of working with adults and adolescents, you will be in safe hands as I guide you through your own unique healing journey where you will experience the fullness and wonder of being you as never before.


Living with autism; maximise your potential

There for You

Heart Centred Dramatherapy is much more than a residence for recovering individuals. We believe that giving residents the tools they need helps pave the way for a their long-lasting, healthy recovery. Reach out to learn more.

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Support with Mental health including addiction recovery, depression, anxiety

and PTSD

Help You Need

At Heart Centred Dramatherapy, we believe that everybody deserves a fresh start. Our Relapse Prevention Program offers a safe space for residents to plan the next steps in their healing process. Get in touch with our team to learn more.

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Prices and packages

Session duration: 1hr 15mins

Fee per session: £50

Three sessions payable in advance of the start of Therapy

12 session package (one per week): £540

saving of £60

24 session package: £1020

saving of £180

Rainbow and Waterfall

“I am not afraid... I was born to do this.”

Joan of Arc



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